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Dawn Casey
Photo of Dawn Casey

Dawn Casey is a prolific author of children’s books. Her work is inspired by her deep love of nature, her respect for the truth and power of tales of old, and her delight in the wonder of the world.

Ms. Casey is the author of the book Little Bear: An Inuit Folktale, which was illustrated by Amanda Hall and published in 2022 by Wisdom Tales.

In addition to writing her own stories, Dawn specializes in re-telling traditional tales.

She is fascinated by the relationship between the old stories and the natural world, by the way the old tales connect us back through the generations to our ancestors, offering wisdom for all our futures, and by the way the stories chime within us, awakening just what is needed at a particular moment in our lives. She believes we can each receive just what we need from a story, to heal or learn or grow, in the journeys, challenges and transformations of our lives.

Dawn’s work has received worldwide critical acclaim. Her books have won the Kirkus Star, the Aesop Accolade from the American Folklore Society, and the Gold Nautilus Award for books that ‘support conscious living, green values, spiritual growth and positive social change.’

Her book of seasonal stories and songs, wild food, crafts and celebrations, The Children’s Forest, (co-authored by Anna Richardson and Helen D’Ascoli) was described by Donald Smith, of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, as ‘inspirational’.

As well as creating books for families, Dawn loves oral storytelling. One of the ways in which she shares stories is by making ‘story-scrolls’. This traditional art form uses hand-made paper-cuts to create a gentle stream of scrolling silhouettes, accompanied by live storytelling, and lit by candle-light.

Dawn Casey lives with her husband and two daughters on the South Downs of Sussex in Britain.

Author Extras & Links

  • To learn more about the author, her thoughts on the importance of children’s books, and her love of knitting, click here to read an interview with Dawn Casey about her book Spin a Scarf of Sunshine.
a sample page-spread from the book “Little Bear”, by Dawn Casey and Amanda Hall

A sample page-spread from Little Bear: An Inuit Folktale,
written by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Amanda Hall

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