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Whispers of the Wolf
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Whispers of the Wolf
written and illustrated by: Pauline Ts’o
preface by: Vivian Arviso Deloria
foreword by: Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf
Subject(s): Age level:

Juvenile Fiction / Native American

4 & up

Format: Size / page count:


8" × 9" / 40 pages

ISBN: Date available:


Available now



Ahrooooooo” went the cry. It was the call of the wolf pack. A young boy named Two Birds heard it, and so did his wolf. Two Birds had found an abandoned wolf pup some time before, and since that time he and the cub had grown up together. Now, the wild was calling, and Two Birds had a choice to make. Struggling with a mix of emotions, he had to decide whether his love for the wolf was greater than his need to be near it. Would Two Birds learn to let go—not just of the wolf, but also of his own fears?

Whispers of the Wolf is a beautiful picture book set around 500 years ago among the Pueblo Indians of the desert Southwest. A heartwarming piece of historical fiction, it weaves together themes of community, tradition, self-esteem, and respect for all life, creating a realistic portrait of a culture that continues to exert a vibrant, living influence today.
Awards & Honors
  • Finalist in in the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Book of the Year Awards, in the “Best New Voice: Children's/Young Adult” category
  • Silver Medal in the “Illustration – Graphic” category of the 2015 Midwest Book Awards

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Whispers of the Wolf

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Reviews (hide/show)

“K-Gr 2–Two Birds is shy and feels isolated from the other boys in his 16th-century Pueblo village. One day, he finds an abandoned wolf pup and decides to rescue and raise it. Through his wolf, he finds his voice as a storyteller and earns the respect and friendship of his peers. Eventually, he must choose whether to keep his wolf in captivity or allow it to run free and pursue its true nature. The stylized pastel illustrations successfully support the emotions of the story and do a particularly nice job of connecting the grandeur of the natural world to Two Birds’s daily life. Ts’o includes notes on each of the illustrations, including information about cultural practices, environmental and historical context, and suggestions for further reading. The story is historical fiction, not a retelling of a traditional story or legend, and although she is not Native herself, the author has made an effort to respectfully tell a story that will resonate with modern-day Pueblos without appropriation. In her foreword, Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf, who is enrolled in the Santa Clara Pueblo (Tewa) tribe, states that ‘I am happy to declare Whispers of the Wolf a satisfying blend of words and images descriptive of a young Pueblo boy’s life.’ The book also includes an approving preface by Vivian Arviso Deloria, an educator enrolled in the Navajo nation. VERDICT : With its respectful portrayal of historical Pueblo life and universally appealing animal rescue story, this title is recommended for purchase by most libraries.”
School Library Journal, review by Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library, MN

“This is a poignant story about the bonds between a boy, his dog, and his friend, Gray Bear. Only this is not any boy—he’s a Pueblo boy, and his dog is a wolf. One day, while Two Birds is collecting plants with his grandfather, he finds an orphaned wolf pup that also happens to be his soul mate. Curious about the wolf, Gray Bear befriends Two Birds, and they become a tight trio. Though very different from each other in spirit and disposition, the boys complement each other, drawing out each other’s strengths. When the grown wolf returns to his wolf pack, Two Birds worries that Gray Bear won’t want to be his friend anymore, but it is soon clear that the boys have a lasting connection. Crisp chalk-pastel illustrations capture the grace and movement of the southwestern landscape, enhancing the important connection between people and nature. The tone, context, palette, and perspective reflect an authenticity and genuine appreciation for the Pueblo people, with whom the author worked closely while creating this book. An author’s note provides additional cultural and historical information to supplement the story. Ts’o has written a rare and beautiful book about Native Americans that is free of clichés and stereotypes and belongs in every library collection.”
ALA Booklist Starred Review by Amina Chaudhri

“Pauline Ts’o’s Whispers of the Wolf is the perfect picture book, in which careful research, beautiful illustrations, and pure storytelling power come together seamlessly. I was moved by this story, by both its evocation of the particular world of pre-Contact Pueblo life and the universals it presents. And I know how deeply it would have appealed to me if I’d encountered it as a child; I would have longed to be Two Birds!”
Tim J. Myers, author of Basho and the Fox and many other children’s books

“This book is delightful. Clearly written, well told, and the illustrations are luminous! [It is] a very beautiful book.”
Joseph Bruchac, storyteller, educator, and author of Buffalo Song, and Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling
sample spread from the book “Whispers of the Wolf”, by Pauline Ts’o

A sample page spread from the multi-cultural coming-of-age tale, Whispers of the Wolf,
written and illustrated by Pauline Ts’o

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