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cover of Princess Rosies Rainbows
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Princess Rosie’s Rainbows
written by: Bette Killion
illustrated by: Kim Jacobs
Subject(s): Age level:

Juvenile Fiction / Fairy Tales

4 & up

Format: Size / page count:


8" × 10" / 36 pages

ISBN: Date available:


Available now



What is it that makes you happy? For little Princess Rosie, it was rainbows. Being a Princess, she could have anything she wanted. Toys, games, books. But she didn’t want any of those things. Possessions didn’t matter to her. Only rainbows could make her smile. “I wish I could have a rainbow all the time,” Princess Rosie often sighed. Her parents, the King and Queen, tried everything they could think of to give Princess Rosie a rainbow, but with no success. Would the young Princess ever be happy? Maybe Becca, the wise old woman from the farthest village, could hold the secret to making Rosie smile?

Princess Rosie’s Rainbows is a stunningly illustrated new fairytale that offers young readers the precious lesson that true happiness doesn’t come from outward possessions, but from deep within us.

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The Book Trailer Video for
Princess Rosie’s Rainbows

Watch the video below to get a visual summary of the pages in the book.

Reviews (hide/show)

“The lesson . . .[of the story] is a good one: true happiness comes from inside, from focusing on the things and people we hold in our hearts. Soft, intricately detailed illustrations accompany the text, helping to establish a believable fairy-tale universe for Rosie and her family to inhabit. Fans of fairy tales as well as adults looking to reinforce lessons in how to create and sustain happiness from within will appreciate . . .[Princess Rosie’s Rainbows]. (Picture book. 4-8)”
Kirkus Reviews
“Jacobs’ intricate pencil-and watercolor illustrations effectively bring the prismatic fairy-tale world, peopled with refreshingly diverse characters, to life. Back-matter material includes information about rainbows and how to make them with water and sunlight, connecting to an attempt [in the story] to remedy the princess’s problem made by the royal astronomer.”
Booklist Online, by the American Library Association
“Bette Killion has written a lovely little story that children and adults alike will enjoy. Princess Rosie’s Rainbows reads like a fairy tale, set in a faraway kingdom full of unique characters, and with the princess learning a valuable lesson at the end of the story. Illustrations by Kim Jacobs are beautiful and just right for the story, colorful without being too eye-popping, with plenty of rainbows on every page. Parents will enjoy the simple science lesson included at the end on how rainbows are made, and how they can help their little ones enjoy a rainbow on a rainy day.”
San Diego Book Review
sample spread from the book “Princess Rosie’s Rainbows”, by Bette Killion and Kim Jacobs

A sample page spread from the fairy tale book Princess Rosie’s Rainbows,
written by Bette Killion and illustrated by Kim Jacobs

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