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Our most recent giveaway,

Red Cloud’s War

has finished. We will be sending free copies to the 5 winning contestants soon.


Our Most Recent Honors

The following Wisdom Tales books have won medals at the 2014 Midwest Books Awards:

Horse Raid,
The Making of
a Warrior


The Olive Tree

The Pandas and Their Chopsticks

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for details

We're Back!

We've returned from the first Moms Rock Expo, (May 2 &3) in Minneapolis.

We were excited to see parents who have been enjoying our books, and to meet new friends. Congratulations to the organizers for a great expo!


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of cultures from around the world

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Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree

Featured Children's Books Featured Teen Books
The Thunder Egg cover

The Thunder Egg

by: Tim J. Myers

illustrated by: Winfield Coleman

Price: $15.95 Details
The Conference of the Birds cover

The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader
of Algeria

by Elsa Marston

Price: $14.95 Details

Red Cloud’s War:
Brave Eagle’s Account of the Fetterman Fight

by Paul Goble

Price: $16.95 Details
All Our Relatives cover

Master of Zen:
Extraordinary Teachings
from Hui Neng’s Altar Sutra

translated & edited by
Tze-si Huang

illustrated by Demi

Price: $24.95 Details
Just Like Me cover

Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree: Exploring Trees Around the World

by D. Yael Bernhard

Price: $16.95 Details
Tipi cover

Living in Two Worlds:
The American Indian Experience

by Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)

editor: Michael O. Fitzgerald

Price: $24.95 Details
Pandas cover

When the Animals Saved Earth:
An Eco-Fable

by Demi

Price: $16.95 Details
cover of A King James Christmas

The Sermon of
all Creation:
Christians on Nature

editors: Michael O. Fitzgerald
& Judith Fitzgerald

Price: $14.95 Details
Dreidel cover NEW image

The Dreidel that
Wouldn’t Spin:
A Toyshop Tale of Hanukkah

by: Martha Seif Simpson

illustrator: Durga Yael Bernhard

Price: $16.95 Details
The Man Who Dreamed of Elk-Dogs cover

Indian Spirit:
Revised and Enlarged

edited by

Michael O. Fitzgerald
& Judith Fitzgerald

Price: $14.95 Details
Pine and the Winter Sparrow cover

Pine and the
Winter Sparrow

retold by:Alexis York Lumbard

illustrated by: Beatriz Vidal

Price: $15.95 Details
The Conference of the Birds cover

Native Spirit & The Sun Dance Way
(2-disc DVD set)

director: Jennifer Casey

producer: Michael O. Fitzgerald

Price: $32.95 Details
Custer’s Last Battle cover

Custer’s Last Battle:
Red Hawk’s Account of the
Battle of the Little Bighorn

told & illustrated by

Paul Goble

Price: $16.95 Details
St. Francis of Assisi cover

The Laughing Buddha
of Tofukuji:
The Life of Zen Master
Keido Fukushima

by Ishwar Harris

Price: $16.95 Details
The Olive Tree cover

The Olive Tree

by Elsa Marston

illustrated by Claire Ewart

Price: $16.95 Details
The Earth Made New cover

The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma:
Life and Teaching of a 20th Century Indian Saint

by Sri Anandamayi Ma

Price: $22.95 Details
Princess Rosie’s Rainbowscover New circle

Princess Rosie’s Rainbows

by Bette Killion

illustrated by Kim Jacobs

Coming in
October 2015
Whispers of the Wolf cover

Whispers of the Wolf

written & illustrated by:

Pauline Ts’o

Coming in
October 2015

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