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Flavia Weedn
Photo of Flavia Weedn

Flavia Weedn is a prolific award-winning artist and illustrator. Flavia’s uplifting illustrations grace the upcoming book Angels, which is the newest Wisdom Tales book written by Alexis York Lumbard.

She has written and illustrated 17 books including 10 for children and her lines of greeting cards, translated into many different languages, are sent by over 18 million people each year.

Flavia’s original paintings have sold the world over to fine art collectors and can be found in the Smithsonian Institute archives, the AT&T Collection, and numerous private exhibits. Her work as a commercial illustrator has been reproduced on magazine covers, national advertising and non-profit promotions, and hundreds of fine paper products and collectible gifts in the United States, Canada, throughout Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Flavia’s books are used in school systems and self-esteem programs throughout the world.

Public acclaim has brought her editorial coverage in publications such as Newsweek, People, and Glamour, and in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, and The Los Angeles Times.

Flavia Weedn is also one of the chosen authors to include her work in the National Literacy Campaign introduced by Barbara Bush.

Flavia’s art deals with the simplicity and the beauty she sees in the ordinary things in life. The illustrations in Angels were selected by her son, Rick Weedn. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her son.

Sample page from the book “Angels” illustrated by Flavia

A sample of Flavia Weedn's illustrations from the book Angels, which was written
by Alexis York Lumbard. For more samples from the book, click here.

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